Evolution Stages

In the world of Virtual Monsters, monsters are divided into 5 categories, based on their total range of power. This ranking system, not only determines how strong a monster is overall but, also what stage the monster is in it's evolution. It is said that all monsters can evolve into something, regardless of their rank or species. The higher the Evolution Stage, the more rare or powerful a monster is. The Evolution Stages from lowest to highest are, Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Sigma and Omega. Each Stage has a unique set of Modifier Chips and Custom Moves that are able to use in Battle. A Great Monster Tamer can utilize the best of any monster's abilities in Battle. More importantly, while a monster's rank might be the main indicator of strength, there are other ways a monster can be strong and it is very possible for an Alpha-Rank Monster to win in a battle against an Omega-Rank Monster.

  • Alpha
  • Beta
  • Gamma
  • Sigma
  • Omega

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