System Protocols

System Protocols are procedures or mathematical instructions that Tamers can perform in the Virtual World. By learning how to control their Virtual Soul, they can compute complex coding algorithm's that allow them to perform unique and often "magical" abilities. There are some System Protocols that Tamers can use outside of Battle but, most System Protocols are meant purely for battle. By default, a Tamer is much stronger in the Virtual World than they are in the Real World. They have almost 10 times their physical strength and stamina in the Virtual World and any physical wounds or disabilities in the Real World are completely gone and healed in the Virtual World. It makes them feel almost invincible. Some of the most skilled Tamers can use System Protocols in the Real World, if they have learned to master their Virtual Soul. Mastering System Protocols are an essential part of becoming a Tamer. The Virtual Monsters Association has made it illegal to attack other Tamers in battle using System Protocols.

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