About Virtual Monsters

Virtual Monsters RPG, is a 3D monster collecting game developed by MW Industries - Game Development and Software. It has been in development since late 2017 but, wasn't officially announce as a video game until early 2019. It is a scifi adventure based in an alternative history where humanity suffered a great casualty but, as a result, lead to the creation of the Virtual World, a world where lifeforms known as Virtual Monsters exist. In this world, human beings, known as Tamers, can partner with Virtual Monsters to explore the vast depths of the Virtual World and fight the natural threat of the Real World, Glitch Monsters.

In the world of Virtual Monsters, Monster Battles are seen as a sport, in which many people attend to watch the best Tamers duke it out to prove who is the greatest. There are many different leagues of Monster Battles, from beginner to expert. The greater the Tamer's skill is in taming monsters, the higher their rank, and the more access they will acquire in the Virtual World, being able to uncover all of it's secrets. A skilled Tamer is seen as someone who is well versed in operating Virtual Monsters. Thus, they are given access to parts of the Virtual World that would otherwise be considered off limits. Many Tamers spend their time filling out a digital journal known as the Virtual Dex.

The world of Virtual Monsters, is divided into many different corners. There is great power in the Virtual World and many will do anything to obtain this power. These Factions seek to control or morph the Virtual World into their own vision. Sometimes, the effect of what is going on in the Virtual World also effects th Real World, since they are tied together. These negative effects are what you as a Tamer must investigate.

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