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Updated Privacy Policy, Shop and Virtual Monsters

Hello everyone, thank you for taking the time to read this article today, I greatly appreciate it. I've managed to do a number of things for the website over this Thanksgiving weekend. In case you guys didn't know, I typically celebrate my birthday around this time. It's sort of a special occasion for myself. Even with all of the personal problems I've been enduring and this being that a lot of people really want to end my career as a game developer, I've managed to pull through somehow but, there's still a rather large hurdle that I need to get past.

I'll find some way to finish this game somehow but, I've managed to update the Privacy Policy, which took some very careful thinking and planning. I know it's kind of messed up to force people to agree to this when they view the website but, I'll be updating the message that appears in the footer to be a bit more friendly next time you view the website. This is probably one of the many reason why people are not joining my site. I'm doing all of this in hopes that it will increase the amount of members we have.

Popularity Items

One of the main reasons that I've updated the Privact Policy is because, I've made a dramatic change in how I'll be using the website to collect money. I'll probably end up changing it again because, I forgot that you can still donate money to the site through the use of Paypal. And that's the main reason for the update to the policy is that I'm using a different service other than Paypal to collect money for items. And with this, I've introduced the option of buying Popularity Items. Normally, I was going to be against powerplaying and using money to dominate players in games as I was always a big fan of skill rather then pay to win but, due to the Unity Runtime fee that will be introduced in 2024, I've decided to find some additional places here or there that I'm going to use to make money more for the site.

I fund everything for this site with my personal job. It's pretty expensive and to be honest, I would greatly appreciate the help to do this. This is the main reason why I updated the Privacy Policy because, I'll be using someone other than Paypal to collect money for the site. To be honest, I never thought I would get this far but, I'm happy I started working on my dream project. This has really meant a lot to me as I've struggled through these times.

But more importantly, we've grown as a community since we first launched. We have over 10 members. (I forgot exactly how many we have) and our Discord community is ever growing. I'm going to get back to releasing devlogs and other YouTube content as I think this helps bring traffic to the website.

I've switched up the meaning behind Popularity and Reputation but, they both still work relatively the same. You can use your Popularity points inside of games to buy special features. As of right now, these features are currently unknown but, can include things such as additional characters slots, more in-game money and special items that can only be bought with Popularity points. I grew up hating these kind of systems in games as a kid because, my parents never help my gaming career (cry me a river but, I'm an adult now, it's not that big of a deal) but, I've decided to allow this inside of my platform as the additional cash from people spending can really help out.

Not to mention, I'd really like to be able to raise a family with the games I create.

Other News...

I've made it much easier to login and register for the site. I know we've had some issues before and I've managed to make it a lot easier. I also updated the Privacy Policy to accommodate people that live in certain parts of the United States, people who live in other English speaking countries and people that live in foreign countries outside of the United States. I want this platform to be available to people universally, even if you don't speak the same language as the rest of us. I really want this platform to open up to a lot of people.

I've also been updating pages for the Virtual Monsters side of the website. This includes updating the pages with more information about Virtual Monsters. This includes the Evolution Stages, Species, Factions and System Protocols pages. I've uploaded them with more information, as well as updated the layout of the pages. I'll be spending a lot of time updating these pages, so I hope people enjoy reading more about the world of Virtual Monsters. I've updated the lore for the game.

Of course, there's always more updates to come. There will be more updates in the future in regards to the forums. There will be things such as Fast Replies and the ability to preview your message before you send it. This will help out a lot with typing these things because, I like getting everything done in one post and not having to spend time proof reading things, making sure I spelled everything right and making sure I got all of my points across. Then again, if I miss anything, I'll make sure to put it in a devlog.

Seasons greetings everyone. Enjoy Turkey time, Christmas and the New Year. I'll make sure to be here, working on this project of mine. Thank you to everyone that took the time to read this. Make sure to leave a comment below to tell me how you feel about everything.

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