About MW Industries

MW Industries is an American gaming and animation studio based out of Homestead, Florida. The company was started by a Jamal Williams in late 2017 but, has always been a lifelong goal since childhood. Jamal Williams AKA Codemaster Jamal had been inspired by mentors that he found overtime as he struggled to put himself through college by working a number of different jobs. This included being a cook at a local bar, as well as working as a Human Arrow.

Initially, studying Music Production at school, Jamal would work a part-time at a local sports bar. Though he studied music in school, Jamal would spend time every week crafting different stories and plots. Often drawing different characters and assigning them different roles. Overtime, he had created a collection of stories, artwork and idea's. On top of that, he had also picked a number of skills such as songwriting from his mentors that would later lead him to create MW Industries.

One of his early mentors told him, to always write down all of his idea's. No matter how stupid, boring or vague. He took this lesson to heart, as he spent many years collecting all of his idea's down in a single notebook. After spending some time playing as a musician and going back and forth between restaurant jobs, Jamal decided that he had enough. Although, the odds may have been against him, he was determined to live life his own way and to pursue the things he loved the most. And what he loved the most, was art, music, animation and more importantly video games.

"MW Industries is a company that combines everything I've learned and mastered over the years." - Jamal Williams.

After leaving the restaurant industry, Jamal began working as an Uber driver. Through Uber, he met many people, a lot of which studied Computer Science in school. At that point, he wasn't determined to do anything but, get to pay his next month in rent. One night, one passenger happened to mention him going back to school to learn Computer Science. In his teenage years, Jamal had spent a great quality of time learning how to develop websites. His goal was to create a Browser-based MMO. From this experience, he learned HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP and SQL all on his own. It occurred to him, that he had a skill that he oddly didn't use. One that was in high demand but, low in supply.

Essentially, what inspired him to draw and write stories was a knack for writing games. Since childhood, he always been inspired to make games, which is where most of his fantasy worlds would manifest. Not just video games, but also board games and card games. In fact, his first attempt at Game Development was for Byond, where he had practiced the basics of Game Design and picked up an amount of experience in Pixel Art. Another early project was a card game, that due to the lack of funds, did not take off successfully.

He enrolled in a semester of college, this time majoring in Computer Science. Much to his surprise, he found computer science to come natural to him. He passed his C++ class on the first try, and breezed through Java Programming with ease. From there, he started looking at Java Game Tutorials on YouTube and from there, he began to put everything together. He spent years learning about art, which made him an "ok" artist. He had spent years jamming in a band which made him a decent songwritter. He spent years working in a restaurant, which taught him mental and physical discipline; learning how to manage many things at once. Finally, he had spent years learning how to code, and the ins and outs of Game Design. Before he knew it, he had the recipe for MW Industries, and the company was born.

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