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Okay, so I haven't really been working on the site and it's code too much these days but, I will be adding several new features to this site. I figure I would take the time to list all that I need to finish the site. Granted, some of these things are already done but, I have yet to publish them to the website.

Affiliation and Advertising

I will soon be opening up a page for Affiliation and Advertising. Originally, when I started this website, I didn't want to include an affiliation page because I thought it was too retro but, what I am learning is that, there is nothing wrong with using retro-styles in 2022. This site needs traffic, so having our link on as many pages as possible, will help us gain more traffic and get our name around. It's a great way to advertise our site but, also allow other people to advertise their own. We are trying really hard to build an engaging community and even though Affiliation links have a different meaning in 2022, I think they are still a unique way to get traffic around between partnering websites.

Shop Revamp

This is something that is already done for the site but, I won't be opening up the new shop until Virtual Monsters RPG is ready to be released. Currently, we have a merch shop and I plan to put up more merchandise for the site and those of them that are interested. The change will actually allow people to buy digital products, such as Video Games and other pieces of software from us.

The Game's Library

This page is currently under construction. This will be where you can download any games you have bought from the online store. You will get an email with a link to download the game but, in case you ever delete the email or the link expires, you can always access the Game's Library to download your game. This will also include the free games that we will be releasing on this site.

Mass Email

I am currently working on a method to mass email everyone that is registered to the site. I'm also going to include emails from the beta test sign-up, as well as emails that I have collected from being a webmaster over the years. I'm also making a system so that, when you register for the site, if your email is already on our mailing list, it will make sure to add your account to it. Of course, there also needs to be a feature to take yourself off the mailing list, so this will be included inside of this feature. This is why, soon, we will start updating people about the site via email. This article today is the start of this newsletter.

Outside of this, I currently can't think of any additional features to add to the site, other than the ability to upload photos to posts. I hope to hear from you guys soon. Enjoy browsing the site as we become a bigger and hopefully closer community. I appreciate all of the support so far.

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