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Hello everyone, and welcome back to the boards! This is to update everyone with what's going on with the website. If you have had a hard time registering an account recently, I am sorry. I need to re-test the emails that get sent when an account is registered. In other news, I finished the last of the Factions logos. We officially have logos for Virtualist, the Underground Monster League and the IT Squad. These factions play a huge role in the game's setting and story. You'll come face to face with both friends and foes from all of these factions. I hope this encourages you to read more about Virtual Monsters and the lore as it will be very soon where you will be able to test out the features of the game and play them. Thank you for everyone that took the time to read this post. I look forward to spending some time with you guys online. Please take the time to visit some of the links below. I spent a good amount of time designing all of these logos. I hope you enjoy reading those articles as much as I did creating them. Thanks a million!



IT Squad

Underground Monster League

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