Virtual Monsters RPG

Virtual Monsters RPG
This is the Official version of the Virtual Monsters MMORPG. This game was invented to test a theory about monster collecting games. Take part in an adventure where you play as both the Tamer and the Monster in your team. Team up with the strongest of monsters and fight to become the Virtual Monsters Champion.

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The ultimate online monster experience. Embark on your own very adventure with a monster that was meant to be unique to you. You will both discover how much you need each other as you tread through the Virtual World. As you travel the Virtual World, you will collect new monsters, master your battle style and fight to become the number one of the Virtual World.

User Reviews

It took a while but, I finally got the edit option to work. This is the official first review of this game. It's kinda not fair to give myself a 5 star rating but, I allow anyone with an account to leave a review, even if you haven't played the game. I think this is fair enough. I hope you guys enjoy the game. This was very fun programming this system and programming the game.

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