Popularity Items

Popularity is a form of currency that you can use in-game. This can be used for buying additional character slots, or special armor, or additional stat boosts. The possibilities are endless. When you buy Popularity from this store, this also increases your Reputation on the site. Even if you are a bad member, a moderator can never decrease your Popularity as a punishment. Your Popularity is always earned fairly even if you purchase it here from this store. You are not allowed to trade Popularity by any means. Your Reputation is just numerized version of how popular you are on the site. Members with higher Reputation tend to get more respect and will have an advantage and will have more influenced when the site votes for certain changes. Please make sure to participate in site-wide events.

Search for Popularity Items. We have moved the Merchandise to our Teespring shop. You can currently find t-shirts, accessories and specialized video content on the Merch Store. Feel free to browse our selection and take a look at our Refund Policy for additional information regarding your purchases.

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