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This announcement is just to update the forums and to let people know they we are still working hard to complete this project. I don't want to see this project fail but, I've had two mishaps recently. Currently, there isn't a way to mass email everyone that has joined the site, which sucks but, we can still update everyone on the progress of our projects. I'll still try to handle this feature in the future but, for now, I will put this to rest.

The next feature that I was going to announce is the use of Activation Codes. Once received, you can activate the code and this code will give your account special gifts for entering the appropriate information. Currently, this system is still being tested but, I still encourage everyone to join the site and participate. I will be working on finishing Virtual Monsters starting next week.

The next thing is that I've changed how passwords are handled on the site. You may have a hard time signing into certain games depending on your passwords. I removed the requirement for having special characters in a password in-order to log in. When tested, it worked with certain characters but, not all. I decided to just remove the hassle and make it so that it's not required to have special characters within a password in-order to register and login with your account.

Now that I've gotten over a major hurdle, updates will be coming very quick to both the game and the site. And I will be working on making this place friendlier and more interactive. A lot of big things are coming. Last year was sort of a huge wake up call for me, not just as a developer but, as a musician, a friend and much more. It made me realize that I have many breaches in security and I've managed to handle all of them quite well. No one's passwords were stolen and even if they were, no one would know your password but, yourself and probably your internet browser. I managed to defeat yet another hacker attempting to take down the site. There's literally a bunch of security threats on a daily basis.

Once again, thank you for taking the time to read this announcement and view the website. We are getting closer to releasing our first commercial game. Thank you for everyone that signed up for the beta test. Feel free to also join the Discord as we chat daily.

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