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If you are viewing this page right now, thank you. This will be the future hub for glorious entertainment. We are working to design a great startup for future gamers and hobbyist. Codemaster Jamal is currently working to build this site on his own. While we don't rely on crowd funding, you can still help us by sharing our videos and leaving likes on social media. We will soon have many products to offer you. In the future, this page(the Index) will eventually become a hub where we will share the latest and greatest news about MW Industries and our future plans. For now, I will have to manually update this page myself.

3 Months of Game Design

Our webpage is currently under construction. We will be operating some time this year (2019).
For the meantime, why don't you view this video by Codemaster Jamal? I'm sure it'll be worth your time.

Latest Video From Codemaster Jamal

I'm Taking A Break From Game Development

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