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Game's Library and Affiliations

Officially started an affiliation page for everyone that is interested in affiliating or "advertising" their website on ours. Make sure to leave a link to your site and a link to your image used. We will only remove your link if you remove ours or your website goes down, or the link for the image changes. There is also a Game's Library to view all of the game's you have purchased from us, and to be able to download or re-download the game at any time. Once you have paid for the game, you have the game for life. We are working on getting our games on multiple platforms. The test for putting our game on Android is going on this year. We have a test project to work with.

You won't be able to find this project on this site in particular but, we are working on releasing a game for Android. It'll be for free but, it's just to test if it's possible for us to release a game on Android using the Unity Game Engine. Once this test has been cleared, we will work on mobile versions of all of our MMORPG's and multiplayer games. We plan on primarily releasing multiplayer games for a while but, will work with standalone games later on down the line.

Everything of course still works but, when the update is posted to the site, it can be used by everyone. For now, the site is good enough to be used by people, which is why we opened up our doors for registration last year. We are going to keep updating the site more and more over time, much how many websites would do. We hope you enjoy our features as we grow more and more as both a community and a company.

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