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Well, there's no easy way to say this but, recently I've come into a huge amount of financial trouble. Not to say that anything will be shutting down, in fact, I've made sure that everything I have done will stay online until I get back. I need to spend the next few months paying medical bills, car loans and other things that I have gotten myself into. That's not say that I'm bad with money but, honestly, as a single developer I've been plotted on. A lot of it is racial discrimination and they just didn't want to see my suceed in life. Everyone I knew from Homestead hated on me and plotted on me my entire life. They didn't want to see Virtual Monsters come alive.

Fortunately for you guys, I haven't quit and I am a long shot away from actually quitting the development of my game. Recently, a lot of my decisions have been dictated by a long distance relationship. I have decided to stop letting my friends and family influence have the development of my game should go and instead rely on my own personal instincts. It seems like everyone wants to get involved in my project and trust me, they don't mean well.

The next thing I would like to say is that, I am going to come back to content creating and making stuff for the internet. Honestly, I really like it. I know I can go really far in this. I have a huge amount of debt I need to pay back which is why I will be keeping my content online and will be promising to come back in a few months. I made sure to have a system where I can restore my game back to it's last state and the website will stay up for another year. I promise to at least come back by the end of next year in-order to continue progress with my project.

I have a good job but, my problem was trying to finish my video game project while living with my parents. This was a bad idea as all it did was cause conflict between me and my parents.

I should have moved out of my mother's house when I had the chance, while I still had a car. And if I did, none of this would have happened to me. I'm over 15K in debt and none of it is from making video games. It's all because my parents are assholes and they didn't want to see me be anything in life.

Sorry to leave this on such a sad note but, I needed to leave this message. Just in case, I never get another chance to express my views. I'm currently still living with my mom but, I need to focus on working two jobs so I can pay off my debt and move out of the house.

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