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Back In Action

Hello everyone! I'd like to announce to you guys that we are back in action and back to producing our famous title, Virtual Monsters RPG. Not that we were ever going to stop but, we've had some serious ups and downs this year and 2022. That being said, I'm happy we went through this as a company because, let's just say, for a while, Virtual Monsters almost didn't happen. But, not to worry. To a certain degree, it was going to be almost impossible for us to stop working on the game seeing how we already have a decent fan-base and this is still my passion and dream. I'd never quit my dreams but, that doesn't stop other people from plotting against it. Fortunately, I've figured out how to save my project, as well as keep going with production. We are going to be getting a huge upgrade in terms of our studios. We hope you stay tuned and keep visiting the forums.

We hope to see you again soon.

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